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Arthur TroopThe International Police Association was formed on 01.01.1950 by a police officer from Lincolnshire, England, called Arthur Troop (on the photo). He wanted to create an organization for friendship and cooperation amongst the police officers from all over the world. The police were to cooperate in the social, cultural and professional development without distinction as to race, sex, language, religion and rank. The motto of the association is in Esperanto – “SERVO PER AMIKEO”, which means “Service through friendship”. The International Police Association is a non-government organization made up of members of the police on active duty, retired or who has left the system. Our association is independent of all police state structures or any other outside structures. The association encourages global cultural, professional and social relations among police officers. Ever since it is an international association one of the greatest challenges has been connected with traveling. The primary objective of the association is friendship. Regular international and domestic initiatives are held.