Regular Membership

A regular member of IPA Bulgaria could be a Bulgarian police officer, still working, retired or left the police post, with a professional experience of at least three years. People who have been dismissed from their job for breach of discipline with a decision by the court that has come into effect cannot become members of the Association. Police officers from other countries could be members of IPA Bulgaria if in their countries structures of the Association are not built.

Associated Membership

An associated member of the Association can be a distinguished citizen of the Republic of Bulgaria who has contributed to Bulgaria’s reputation as well as the achievement of the Association’s goals and tasks.

Honored Membership

The Management Board can drant an honored membership to people who have contributed considerably to the objectives of the Association, including boosting its prestige. The honored member can take part in the General Meeting having the right of a deliberative vote. The honored member can’t be elected in the Association’s structures.

Property Payments

Each member of the Association shall pay an entrance fee and an annual membership fee. The amount of the entrance fee and the annual membership fee shall be defined with a decision taken by the General Meeting and can be changed every year. The entrance fee shall be paid right after membership acceptance. The annual membership fee shall be paid by the end of June for the current year at the

Termination Of Membership

Each member of the Association has right to leave at any time without the necessity to specify the reasons for this by sending a written notification to the Management Board. Membership shall be considered as of giving the notification. A member can be expulsed because of actions which severely damage the Association’s reputation or hinder the achievement of the goals specified in the articles of association. The decision about excluding members for not making the established property payment or continued failure to take part in the Association’s activities shall be taken by the Management Board on the basis of a report by the Secretary General.


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