The International Police Association was formed on 01.01.1950 by a police officer from Lincolnshire, England, called Arthur Troop (on the photo). He wanted to create an organization for friendship and cooperation amongst the police officers from all over the world. The police were to cooperate in the social, cultural and professional development without distinction as to race, sex, language, religion and rank. The motto of the association is in Esperanto – “SERVO PER AMIKEO”, which means “Service through friendship”.

Arthur Troop



We have around 360,000 members in nearly 100 countries, of which 66 are affiliated National Sections, and we are represented on 5 continents. …


The official documentation for the 64th IPA World Congress 2019, held in Dubrovnik, Croatia, is now available.


Bulgaria is a very active member of the International Police Association, last year organized 62-nd World Congress in Albena.

The event was organized with the assistance of the Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Bulgaria.

Ministry of Interior


Bulgaria became a member of the International Police Association at the 14 World Congress of the organization held in Luxembourg in 1994. sponsor of the Bulgarian section was the Greek section, 20 colleagues from Bulgaria were members of the latter from 1992 to 1994.

the first chairperson of IPA Bulgaria was Mr. Rumen Kolev. So far the organization has 7500 members, officials in the Ministry of the Interior, as well as retired persons who have left the system.


IPA – Bulgarian section is managed by Management Board. It consists 10 natural persons, regular members of the Association who have gained a five-year professional experience at the minimum. The Management Board shall be elected by the General Meeting and the newly elected Management Board shell choose President of the Association and distribute the remaining positions.


The Managing Board is elected to the General Assembly. The term of office of the Governing Board is five years.


At the regular General Assembly in February 2018, Ognyan Bogoev was elected Chairman of IPA Bulgaria. He is long serving a border police officer.


The Articles of Association of IPA Bulgaria is the most significant document of the organization. It lives and thrives by the regulation postulated therein as well as by its spirit. The Articles of Association acknowledges the moral and ethical standards of the police officers, giving scope for the creative expression of their personality.


The legitimacy of IPA Bulgaria is based on registration, approved by a court decision.
IPA Bulgaria is a legal entity which is a non-profit organization.


IPA Bulgaria is structured on a regional principle. The central management is located in Sofia, the regional sections are in conformity with the administrative division within the country. The seats of the regional organizations are located in the towns – in the regional centre of the respective region.

International Police Association


Address: IPA – Section Bulgaria,

114b “Knyaginya Maria Luiza” Blvd., 1233 Sofia, Bulgaria

tel./fax: +359 2 982 3677
tel./fax: +359 2 962 7007

mob.: +359 888 944 335

            +359 888 953 489

President IPA Bulgarian Section
Ognian Bogoev

e-mail: ipa.bulgaria@abv.bg


A regular member of IPA Bulgaria could be a Bulgarian police officer, still working, retired or left the police post, with a professional experience of at least three years. People who have been dismissed from their job for breach of discipline with a decision by the court that has come into effect cannot become members of the Association. Police officers from other countries could be members of IPA Bulgaria if in their countries structures of the Association are not built.


Here you can download documents


New IPA section of Smolyan



IPA Bulgaria 25th Anniversary

The meeting will take place from 7 to 9 June 2019 in Sandanski, Hotel Saint Nikolai.


All members of IPA Bulgaria can take advantage of the services provided under the IPA Houses initiative.

Have a look in our IPA Hosting Book, which is regularly updated and provides an overview of each IPA House and Other Accommodation option:


The Procedure for Travel Assistance aims to standardise the process of helping IPA members (both individuals and groups) requesting assistance when travelling and visiting IPA sections worldwide.

To find out more download the Procedure for Travel Assistance and the Travel Form.



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